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UX and UI design mastery
Discover the synergy of User Experience (UX) and the art of User Interface (UI) design. In the course you’ll master:
  • Understanding UX principles
  • Navigating the art of UI design
  • Applying design thinking to create user-centric experiences
  • Enhancing skills in wireframing and prototyping
UX research
Uncover the methodologies behind effective UX research (UXR) while gaining a deep understanding of user behavior. In the course you’ll dive into:

  • Mastering foundational research methods
  • Conducting effective user interviews and surveys
  • Analyzing and interpreting user data
  • Implementing user testing techniques
  • Navigating the UX research lifecycle
Hands-on project experience
Create hands-on projects for a compelling UX/UI portfolio and a pathway to your dream job. Experience the impact of:
  • Engaging in real-world projects
  • Showcasing your skills through practical application
  • Providing tangible proof of problem-solving abilities
  • Setting yourself apart as a leader in the competitive UX/UI field
Polished portfolios, interview ready
Build a portfolio, with the guidance of your mentor, that sets you apart from your competition where you’ll:
  • Craft a standout portfolio tailored to industry standards
  • Showcase a diverse range of UX/UI/UXR projects
  • Refine project descriptions and case studies
  • Develop a polished online presence to wow potential employers
Tailored personalized mentorship
Experience the transformative power of personalized mentorship throughout our course, where you'll benefit from:
  • Customized guidance based on your individual learning style
  • Personalized feedback on assignments and projects
  • 1:1 sessions to address specific challenges
  • Mentor's expertise applied to real-world scenarios
Powerful industry insights
Immerse yourself in industry insights with an experienced mentor while gaining practical wisdom for success. You’ll focus on:
  • Gaining insights into day-to-day UX designer experiences
  • Understanding collaboration dynamics with various partners
  • Receiving practical advice for navigating the industry successfully
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Unleash your earning power

Embark on a journey of global demand and earning potential for UX designers. Explore what junior UX designers earn in key cities around the world, gaining insights into your future career prospects. UX not only offers financial rewards but also provides flexibility
New York, New York
Chicago, IL
Toronto, ON
London, United Kingdom
Sydney, Australia
Bangalore, India
₹ 6,11,712
San Francisco, CA
Lucrative salaries
In San Francisco and New York, junior UX designers command impressive annual salaries, ranging from $98,000 to $105,000, reflecting the industry's recognition and financial rewards.
Swift career advancement
Empathive propels junior designers into a rapidly growing field, setting the stage for swift career progression and increased earning potential.
Accelerate your earnings
Our graduates typically find rewarding positions within 3-6 months, fast-tracking your journey to professional fulfillment and a brighter future.
Alumni spotlight: From class to dynamic career success
Thankfully, the investment was more than worth it. The structure of the course was exactly what I wanted. Plus, the push of a mentor kept me going during the stressful moments. Feedback pushed me on each project to do better, it also pushed me to understand concepts I wouldn’t have understood in a self-taught class or in a larger class size.
UX Designer, Empathive Alumni

Personalized support tailored around you

We get it – changing careers can feel like navigating uncharted waters, full of uncertainty and challenges. That's why at Empathive, our transformative course is meticulously crafted to guide you through this journey with expert support at every turn.
A dedicated mentor is more than a guide; they're your compass in this career transition. Ready to provide course corrections, answer questions, and offer unwavering support, your mentor understands your journey. Beyond UX knowledge, they provide emotional support, ensuring you feel empowered.

Get hired faster with our network of recruiters!

Completing a design course is one thing—landing a job is something else. At Empathive, we leverage an extensive industry network of recruiters who will provide you with a head start in securing a range of rewarding and lucrative UX design jobs.

Who is this course for?

Career transition pioneers
Individuals transitioning from outside the tech or design industry
Embrace a seamless transition into UX design, even if you're coming from a background outside of tech or design. This course is crafted to guide your journey into the world of UX design
Design novices' gateway
Individuals with no prior design experience
If you're starting with a blank canvas in terms of design experience, this is for you. Our course is tailored for beginners, providing a solid foundation and hands-on experience to kickstart your journey into UX design.
Confidence boost Seekers
Designers seeking to enhance their skills with a focus on UX:
For those already familiar with design but eager to delve deeper into the world of user experience and research, this course offers the perfect opportunity to enhance your skills and specialize in whichever part of UX you desire.
Designers elevating UX skills
Individuals feeling intimidated by a career switch and battling self-doubt
Embarking on a career change can be intimidating, especially when facing self-doubt. This course is designed to support and guide you every step of the way. Our mentors are here to help you overcome uncertainties, build your confidence through each assignment, and succeed in your UX design journey.
Explore more: Unlock your potential
Immerse yourself in a world of knowledge and skills that unlocks your creativity and helps you reach new heights.

Why coaching is key to your UX success

When learning UX, coaching isn't a choice; it's a vital partner. Having an expert mentor by your side, guiding you through the ins and outs of the industry makes a once-intimidating career transition becomes tangible and realistic. In our immersive course, here’s what our mentors provide:
Fostering confidence
Your guide, a seasoned UX professional is dedicated to propelling you ten steps ahead of competitors which will help you achieve confidence and expertise that can be only gained from personalized coaching. Through hands-on guidance and tailored feedback, our mentors empower you to navigate real-world challenges, ensuring not only a competitive edge but also fostering a profound sense of confidence in your UX design skills.
Shaping careers for success
Over 16 weeks, students receive one-on-one guidance for not only all assignments but projects, portfolio reviews, resumes and assist with interview preparation. Coaching provides a safety net for learning, allowing room for mistakes and immediate course correction. This ensures that you avoid the pitfalls of spinning your wheels, enabling steady progress and forward momentum in your journey.
Guided by seasoned expertise
Beyond the course, these mentors impart invaluable industry insights, share real-world challenges, and guide students in developing a strategic mindset. With a seasoned expert by your side, students not only master the curriculum but gain a deep understanding of the nuances that propel them towards sustained success in the dynamic field of UX design and research.

Empathive success stories: Hear from our graduates

Discover the inspiring journeys of aspiring UX designers who went from where you are now to mastering UX and joining their dream companies.

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